How to Create the Best WFH Office

Dated: March 28 2021

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The “New Normal” we’ve heard so much about over the past year means remote work for a lot of us. If you’ve ever tried working from your bed, in your PJs, you may have noticed that it isn’t always conducive of a productive day. Especially if you’ve got video calls. 

What you need is a home office – a dedicated professional space that is especially created to make working from home as easy and as productive as possible. Here are some tips to create the best work from home office.

Choose the space carefully

Not everyone has the luxury to pick and choose the space they get to use for a work space, but if you’ve got a choice, definitely designate the most remote room in your home as your office. You don’t want a room that’s smack dab in the middle of your home and that sees a lot of traffic and noise.

The point is to minimize distractions, so you’ll want it to be a bit separated from the rest of the house. In addition, the walk down the hall from your bedroom to your office can act as an improvised “commute” – a time for you to make the mental shift from “home” to “work”. 

Create a productive environment

The most important feature of the space should be that it allows you to focus and be productive. There is nothing more stressful or dehumanizing than spending 8 hours a day alone in a box with fluorescent light. Prioritize natural light!

Pick a room that has a nice, big window so you can enjoy the sunshine. Conventional wisdom dictates that the desk should face the window, but if that’s too distracting, don’t hesitate to turn it around. You can still benefit from the sunlight. 

Decorate this space in a way that will be helpful to you. A calendar, organization board, inspirational art or colorful imagery – it can go a long way in stimulating you to do a good job.

Set up your tech

What is the most important aspect of your home office? That’s right, it’s your internet connection. We all rely on it entirely, and without it, everything goes down. So, you want to prioritize a stable, reliable connection over everything else. 

Once you’re all set with that, you’ll also want to look into the tech devices you need or want to use. What devices do you use at the office, and do you have them at home? A computer, an extra monitor, a printer, a work phone, maybe a tablet – these are all your regular necessities. 

Throw in remote work, and you’ll also need a good, comfortable pair of headphones and a high-quality camera for all those Zoom calls. 

Be comfortable

You’re going to be spending a lot of time here, so dedicate some attention to making things comfortable for yourself. That starts with the office furniture you pick. Your desk should be big enough to easily accommodate all your necessities and hopefully also have some storage space. Make sure your legs comfortably fit underneath it.

Your desk chair is one of the big purchases that you want to invest in and spend some time shopping around for. It should be soft, comfortable, but also supportive. Spending 8 hours a day sitting in the same chair is not exactly healthy, but it can be made better by a quality piece of furniture that is supportive, as well as practical. 

Ensure the security of your space

Security is a huge concern when you work from home. Data breaches and cyberattacks often happen because of lack of knowledge and care on the part of the employees. When working remotely, it is up to you to secure the space you work in, the devices you use, and the data you work with.

Start by installing a door with a lock. That will not only keep prying eyes and hands away, but it will also give you privacy during the day, especially if you have children. You might also want to bring in a safe or a cabinet that locks. The last thing you want is to leave important documents out while you’re gone. Tuck them away safely.

Final thoughts

Working from home has been a big transition for most of us, and we’re still getting a hang of how to do it productively and fit it into your homes and lifestyles. Creating a home office is the ideal solution, so take the time to make this space comfortable and productive by staying away from noise, getting some natural light, and picking quality furniture and devices.


Article was written by Teresa Bennett. Terese Bennett is a passionate writer and reader. She is fascinated by all things real estate, travel, and health. She lives with her two cats and a dog in a small menagerie. Thank you Teresa!
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